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Frequently Asked Questions about Conference Alerts

FAQ For Organizers

How I can add a conference to
To add a conference to the listing, please visit the home page and press on Add Event. Ordinary listing of any event is completely free. 

What I need to provide during the Add Event?
You need to provide your Event details like, Date ,Place, Deadline for paper submission, Type of event, event online URL, Contact person etc.

Is there any charge for listing the conference in website?
No!!! There is absolutely no charge for listing the conferences.

How much time will it take to list the event after successfully event addition process?
Maximum it will take 12hrs for listing the conferences in website.

Can I modify the information related event at any time of listing?
Yes you can modify the Information by logging into the event panel.

Can I promote my conferences in
Yes you can promote your event. Please mail to to know about the different advertisement plans.

How many conferences can be listed from my organizer account?
Maximum 50 conferences can listed on during one year for one Organizer Account.
- After adding a conference to All Conference Alert website, you have to open the Email sent by to the organizer Email address and click on validate to active the account.

- To edit a conference, organizers have to log into the organizer dashboard by entering their Email ID and Password.

FAQ For Subscribers

How I can subscribe
Click Subscribe on home page and follow the simple process to subscribe.

How will help me to find a conference?
It will help you to find the most appropriate International/National conference and workshops by knowing your requirements like place ,date, topic last date of registration etc.

Is there any price for Subscription?
Subscription for is completely free for life time.

Can I have an organizer and a subscriber account at the same time?
Ohh! Yes, you can have an organizer and a subscriber account at the same time How can I promote a conference?
You must have an organizer account to promote your conference. You can easily promote conferences by choosing the promotion options provided by All Conference Alert Conference Promotion Guide.