Why Conference is the Best Place to put your Idea Forward?

Conferences are gathering of like minded people who join forces and meet at a place to share the ideas of each other regarding a particular topic. A conference is often confused with a convention or a symposium or a colloquia, however it is different in the size and the purpose it serves in the career of the attendees. A conference can be well compared o an educational tour which gives us a well deserved break from the monotonous life that we lead and also gives us an opportunity to learn new things or discuss ideas which will lead to the development of a better solution to the existing problems faced by the industry you are connected to. A conference is rightly described as a think tank of both experts and novices where people gather to share the ideas they have developed. If you come and think about it, a conference is probably one of the best platforms for putting forward an idea which is to be evaluated by the world.

  1. The World is your Audience: The conferences that are organised around the world each year on various topics are usually on a global scale and people from different organizations around the world usually take an interest in the same. Even if it is not attended by people around the world, they can catch up on it on the virtual world thanks to the various social media sites available. When you have worked hard to develop an idea, you will obviously want a large audience to showcase the idea to. What can have a larger gathering with an interest in your topic than the conference itself? You will be able to put forward your idea in front of your peers from various parts of the world as well as people who are experts on the topic your have been studying. Thus a conference is one of the best platforms for bringing forth your ideas.
  2. Consulting the Experts: The panel of judges in a particular conference or the keynote speaker or the panellists are all experts in the field which is the topic of the conference. Getting their insight on your idea will obviously prove to be an experience of a lifetime for the researchers. Conference brings you this excellent opportunity. As you are showcasing your idea in front of the pioneers of your field they are evaluating your idea and if you are lucky enough, they will also provide you with the input of their own idea into yours. Apart from making you a richer person all together, this will also help you to improve your idea and if luck favours, they just might adapt your idea on a global scale. This is why most of the researchers eagerly wait for the conference of their choice to put forward their idea in front of general people.
  3. Industrial Adaptation: Money is what everyone seeks. The purpose of using it may vary from person to person but the basic need of it remains constant at all time. Most of the conferences, be it academic or industrial, are visited by either the owners or the staff of the major industries who are looking for talented individuals who will help them to enhance the image and performance as well as the reputation of the company. When you are presenting your idea in front of such a group of people, your idea just might be liked by them and they will be willing to hire your or buy your idea for their company so that they can use it for their own benefit to gain more customers for their company.
  4. Birds of a Feather Flock Together: The conferences are usually visited by people who belong to the same genre of study, the likes of which matches the theme of the conference. These people usually have a similar view point towards a particular topic or problem and what could be better than sharing a piece of idea with someone who truly understands you? Thus conferences are considered to be a great platform for sharing your ideas. The like minded people can work with you on your idea and help you to enhance it or may also be able to show you a side of your idea which was hidden away from you till date. This enhancement might just result in making your idea from good to great. You also get to present your idea in front of people who will truly understand you and this feeling is unparalleled.
  5. A Scope for Cultivation of the Idea: When you are presenting your idea before a whole group of audience at a conference, chances are that people will get interested in your idea and pay special attention to it. It may so happen that some people will take up your idea and cultivate it further so that it can be developed and the problems with the idea may be brought forth so that they are rectified and made even better. While you have presented your idea and are going through the question and answer round, some questions from the audience might just make you delve deeper into your idea which will lead to certain enlightenment on points which will make your idea more realistic and plausible and you may even find applications of your idea which was, hidden from your sight, till date. Thus you benefit from showcasing your idea at a conference.

So if you have brewed up some plausible ideas which would make, even the slightest, impact on the world, then you must put it forward in a suitable conference. In this way you can get to people who are willing to accept your idea and working with it as well as you get to meet like minded people who will be able to make you look at your idea with a new mindset so that you can make it even better and more beneficial for the world.