Supporting Event Venues and Organizers through COVID 19

Observing social distancing protocols is the grave need of the time. With COVID 19 pandemic in effect, everything has come to standstill to save lives and stay safe. According to certain reliable sources, Events and organizers have already faced the consequences and severe impacts on their events. However, many other ways can be utilized to support the events and organizers to overcome the crisis by getting closer to the audience more creatively. Combining time, thinking and energy will help support the people, events, and organizers. Some of the ways to tackle with the situation are mentioned:

Shifting to online events:

As we all are well aware, gathering together at places is prohibited for our benefit in the times of COVID 19. Many event managers had to cancel their upcoming events as a precautionary measure. As attendees, we must hold hands to support each other. Shifting upcoming events into online events is one of the strategies that can be applied. Many online digital courses, academic, dance, craft classes, events, and workouts can be accessed from the comfort of a living room or bedroom. Attendees or people interested must take advantage of event managers who have arranged online sessions. This can be done by going to their site or by referring to social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram or Facebook for details.

The organizations or event managers organizing the events can do so after taking recommendations and approaching the attendees who have already booked or purchased tickets for any future event. 

Live streaming:

Just like artists, musicians perform and use LIVE stream to bring people together, event managers can take virtual or live streaming modes to gather people together to attain their purpose. As an audience, people must cooperate with the organizers in making the event successful in the lesser availability of facilities. Podcasts and webinars are another way to attend events. This helps in keeping the continuity of the tasks in a more appropriate way. 

No refunds:

People who have bought tickets for future events should take care not to ask for a refund. They must rather ask for rescheduling of the events that were supposed to be organized by the event managers. This way we can help event managers from any loss from rescheduling or delay in the events.

Helping hand in doing business:

Due to lockdown, everything is shut including revenue generation as well. We can help the local businesses in earning income by buying something from the venues and organizers than from online sites. Also if gift cards or certificates are offered by organizers we can think of putting our income into it which would have else been spent on buying event tickets or classes. 

Social media:

Be active on Social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapps and Facebook for bringing business to the artists and other branded merchandise. Following, sharing, liking, commenting and reposting the content or posts will help the event organizers or creators to expand their visibility. This can be done by us just by sitting at the house. Presence is important and only the audience is responsible for making this happen.

Signing up for Emails or Newsletters:

Signup for useful emails or newsletters so that it interests the senders to increase their traffic and audiences. Also, newsletters or emails are one of the best ways to keep one informed about the recent happenings in and around the world. 


Active participation in crowdfunding campaigns and many other relief funds will help the most affected ones. There are campaigns intended towards providing food, shelter and other basic means to the affected people. If not participation, we must donate a small part to the people who we have been supporting and supported in the past.