Best Conference Websites to Refer and Stay Updated

Conferences are important both for the academic and overall development of individuals. It brings together like minded people in an integrated forum to discuss and research about important topics in their respective field. To gather details about conferences taking place around you, it is necessary to keep a check on the various conference websites.

Conference websites need to include detailed information about the conference, the topics and the papers to be discussed and registration requirements.

But how to improve the quality of your website? It is very important for the conference website to be customer friendly and responsive. The website should attend to the queries of the visitors and clear their doubts have an attractive web design and layout, relevant content, an opt-in offer and most importantly other contact information.

Your conference website should welcome you with the most important details such as place, date and time in an eye catching font.

Visually, the most important details are

  • What the conference is about
  • Where the conference will take place (online and offline both)
  • When the conference will take place

Apart from this, the other notable information needed to make any conference website stand out are as follows:

  • Important Speakers
  • Details about Organizing Committee
  • Registration details
  • Schedule
  • Contact details
  • Sponsors

The following websites offer you updates and provide notifications for the upcoming conferences in easy and effective manner.

  1. Species On The Move

An appropriate website will also provide the information regarding the members of the conference highlighting their specialties. This helps the attendees in knowing the committee members before the commencement of the event.

Species on the move is an inter disciplinary conference website that indulges in the disciplines of bio diversity, climate change, evolution and bio geography. The outlay of the website is beautifully designed providing the relevant details such as email address and contact number of the website is also directly linked to their various social media handles like Facebook and Twitter. They provide a detailed committee page on their website where interested readers will get any required information they need.

  • All Conference Alert

This website provides you an online event calendar of the important conferences taking place all over the world. An interested visitor can easily subscribe to this website to get necessary notifications directly. The range of conferences covered by this website is wide ranging such as forestry, agriculture , engineering, management and social science.

The organizers can visit the website to add their events for free as well as promote them. Similarly the attendees can browse through the website to understand the upcoming conferences and their uniqueness.

  • International Conference Alert

The website directly allows the visitors to check the upcoming conferences based on their area of interest, country and state. Get to know about all the iconic conferences taking place worldwide in an integrated format. This website positively works both for the attendees as well as the organizers. Just like the organizers can make their conferences globally visible, similarly the attendees can choose the most suitable conference according to their needs. You can also sign in to receive their newsletter. Moreover the website also allows the visitors to leave their feedback or to inquire about any doubts.

  • World Conference Alerts

This website is an online platform providing all the detailed information regarding conferences and seminars. World conference alert invites organizers to register in their website so that the attendees can choose from the variety of conferences. There is separate section for popular conference categories such as engineering, medical, education, law, life science, mathematics and inter disciplinary. The website also categorizes the event into various types such as conference, seminar, webinar, workshop, online events and master course.