8 Ways to Promote Meeting, Event and Conference Attendance

Getting your event promoted is just not a cakewalk! You need to reach out to the mass, to make it successful. If you have good PR skills, it’s not a difficult thing to achieve success in your event. Some great promoting tricks can surely make your event more happening with great attendance. There are some easy hacks to boost up your conference attendance without much brainstorming. Follow the guidelines, and you can have the perfect set of skills to draw in people to your event!


Different events have different eligibility requirements for attending them! You need to set the eligibility list correctly, so that much confusion is avoided as people try to engage in the upcoming events. Ensure that your event can address people of varied age groups. The more flexible your eligibility is, the more turn-out you can expect. Besides, the guests must be clearly informed about the criteria before the event such that they don’t go away disheartened on their visit! Once it’s done, budget it out!

Cost for the procedure

Budget is a necessity while planning a promotion of the meeting or event that you’re organizing. Try to distribute the budget equally between various online and offline modes of promoting the event. The offline marketing techniques, although old-school, are effective in case of big events. The newspaper advertisement and fliers mentioning the event with a catchy tagline, venue, and details also cater to a large number of prospective guests to the events organized. The substantial budget should be allotted for promotion besides all the arrangements. This plays the most important part in the success of the conference or event that you have worked hard towards!
Around thirty percent of your budget should be set aside for the purpose of promotion. This should be categorically divided into all the platforms you’ll be using. Strategic and judicious use of the capital in the promotion can lead to successful outcomes!

Networking through similar events

You must reach out to the audience of similar products/events through networking. This will enable first-hand conversation to your target audience giving you a direct vibe. Now when you have categorized your audience in the email list, it is time that you pitch your reliability through the lookalike events. You’ll get an overview about the demographics, geography, and interests of your audience section, and then you can work accordingly to lure them. This way, you’ll get a catch of the platform you should take up in reaching out to them!

Enhance your creativity

Everyday events and conferences do not draw in a lot of attention. We tend to skip through them for their monotonous tone and concept. While you can reach out to the people with long blogposts with stuffed keywords, these are not something that attracts others to join the venture. Add in creativity by creating some infographics. Visual information regarding your event can surely catch the eyes of a greater audience. Creative content generation for the purpose is necessary to put a spark in the event. This can be done by ensuring that the content of your advertisement and posters are unique with attractive and innovative captions and graphics!

Use social media campaigns

Social media has become an intrinsic part of our modern lifestyle. Even though people would miss out the newspaper headlines, they never forget to scroll through their social media handles. Use it as a trump card to reach out to the mass! It is an easy and inexpensive way for the promotion of events. Creative and colorful posters, to attract attention and your flare of presenting the essence of your conference will woo in a large number of attendees.

Create a YouTube channel

While reaching out to the mass is your main idea behind the promotion, you shouldn’t forget that YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google! While you’ll have to be a really big brand to mark your presence in Google, starting up a YouTube channel is the simplistic way to reach out to your target audience!
Create promotional videos that would easily attract people ‘s attention. Besides, you can build trust in your brand and engage a greater number of events as you introduce the sponsors for the event! You can also provide sneak peek into the profits of attending the conference and the essence of what they are going to experience!
Videos impact minds more than just words on blogs or papers! They can even get their queries met from the comments section of the YouTube videos, and it will enable you to get a prior vibe among the people regarding the event!

Categorize the email game

You must recognize prospective attendees and address them accordingly. A well formatted personal invite is always more appealing for the guests. List out the people who bought tickets earlier, who didn’t assess the different demographics of the various prospective guests. Cater to their needs accordingly. Formulate sort of personalized messages via email according to the list. This would ensure that you get a platform to interact with these target audiences over the mail, sending some specific messages! Email marketing platforms like Emma can offer the space required for email targeting.

A brand ambassador is a prime key
Influencing people becomes easier when a brand is pitched by someone they know, trust, or look up to! Invest in getting hold of some celeb, be it YouTubers, bloggers or the product expert to build trust in the event and product you are promoting through it. This can actually have a great impact on getting a trusted audience for your brand and conference. It is required that your brand ambassador makes a strategic post about your events in his or her social media handles. Multiple posts across various platforms of your brand ambassador have the potential of attracting their fan following. Make it a point that she or he is present at the event venue on the D-day, and the news is spread across in all the promotional platforms!