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Conferences on Globalization are attended by scholars, members of the business community, and students from many countries. As a result, it offers a broad window inside the current global scholarship and the continuing dialogue related to recent developments in the fields of social, cultural, economic and business trends. Also, there was an opportunity for increased global sharing due to cross cultural exchange. So it’s a win win situation for all the participants of these conferences.


Nov 2018

12th 7th Global Summit on Education 2018  - Melaka , Malaysia
17th International Conference on Interdisciplinary Global Applied Research (ICIGAR-2018)  - Tangerang , Indonesia
21st 2018 Global Development Finance Conference  - Durban , South Africa
22nd Innovation and Global Issues in Multidisciplinary Sciences IV  - Antalya , Turkey

Dec 2018

13th Sixth Biennial Supply Chain Management Conference  - Bangalore , India