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The main idea behind these conferences is to promote educational and especially scientific activities which will be responsible for improving a common man’s life and by practicing certain values there can be a significant improvement in the environment. As a result, the goal of achieving pure and clean energy can be achieved. Interested people can click on the below given links so as to enrol themselves.


Dec 2017

30th International Conference On Innovative Technology in, Chemical, Bioprocess, Textile, Mining Engineering, Energy Technologies and Environmental Dynamics for Sustainable Development TECHNOVA-2017  - New Delhi , India
31st ISSRD - International Conference on Mechanical, Manufacturing, Industrial and Civil Engineering (ICMMICE)  - Deheradun , India

Feb 2018

19th Academicsera – 196th International Conference on Civil and Environmental Engineering  - Seoul , Korea (south)

May 2018

02nd ISER-353rd International Conference on Advances in Business Management and Information Science (ICABMIS)  - Dubai , United Arab Emirates

Sep 2018

10th 3rd International Conference on Energy Production and Management: The Quest for Sustainable Energy  - New Forest , United Kingdom

Oct 2018

15th VENICE 2018 – 7th International Symposium on Energy from Biomass and Waste  - Venice , Italy
24th ICUE 2018 on Green Energy for Sustainable Development  - Phuket , Thailand