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Conferences on Chemistry basically aim at providing researchers from various nations in the field of chemistry. And it does so by providing an essential platform for the accurate and critical analysis of raw data, also to share the latest cutting-edge research as well as new findings and their results about all aspects regarding advances in various Chemical branches. It focuses on all aspects involved with the substances of that matter consists the investigation of their properties and reactions, and also the use of such reactions to make new substances.


Nov 2018

23rd 2018 International Conference on Chemical, Biological and Biomolecular Engineering (CBBE 2018)  - Hong Kong , Hong Kong
23rd 2018 International Conference on Chemical Materials and Biochemistry (CCMB 2018)  - Hong Kong , Hong Kong
23rd 4th International Conference Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics (ICCPM 2018)  - cebu , Philippines
23rd 2018 2nd International Conference on Functional Materials and Chemical Engineering(ICFMCE 2018)  - Abu Dhabi , United Arab Emirates
27th International Conference on Chemistry, Pharmacy and Medical Sciences ICCPM  - Bengkulu , Indonesia

Dec 2018

05th 3rd International Conference on Pharmaceutics and Novel Drug Delivery Systems  - Dubai , United Arab Emirates
06th International Conference on Advanced Chemistry and Catalysis  - Las Vegas , United States of America

Feb 2019

13th 6th Nucleic Acids Conference  - Nassau , Bahamas
19th 3rd Small Molecule Activation Conference, Bahamas, 2019  - Nassau , Bahamas

May 2019

09th 2nd European Congress on Advanced Chemistry  - stockholm , Sweden
29th 2019 4th International Conference on Chemistry and Biochemical Engineering  - Xian , China

Dec 2019

18th 2019 3rd International Conference on Chemical and Molecular Sciences  - Hanghzou , China
18th 2019 4th International Conference on Advanced Materials and Process Engineering  - Hanghzou , China