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08th Apr 2017 ,Pune , India

All Accepted and Presented paper will be published by IEEE Xplore, which is indexed with world’s leading Abstracting & Indexing A&I databases.
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07th Apr 2017 ,Guntur , India

The aim of the International Conference is to accumulate and exchange innovative ideas, latest knowledge and unique experiences for the benefits of researchers, industrialists, academicians and other participants. In the context of present development in all the fields of Engineering and Management it has become the need of the hour to update one’s knowledge and adopt to the changing environment. In the era of globalization and privatization various issuers in the field of engineering arises resulting in integration of systems functionalities and business operations. This international conference focuses upon Recent Innovations in Engineering Science and Technology. It will be a combined extravaganza with research views to present and experience the upcoming and exotic trends in the fields of engineering and technology. All the aspirants will be benefitted with the feast of evolving and promising ideas and concepts. The prime goal of the organizers is to provide a common platform for intelligentsia and potential researchers to share their views with learned audience. We do hope that active involvement of most prominent speakers and delegates and their innovative ideas will create an exciting atmosphere for Recent Innovations in Science ,Engineering and Technology & Management.
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27th Mar 2017 ,Hong Kong , Hong Kong

RW- 151st International Conference on Economics and Finance Research (ICEFR) is a prestigious event organized with a motivation to provide an excellent international platform for the academicians, researchers, engineers, industrial participants and budding students around the world.
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15th Apr 2017 ,Hong Kong , Hong Kong

2017 International Conference on Recent Innovations in Science, Engineering and Technology(ICRISET-2017) will be held in Hong Kong during April 15th, 2017. ICRISET-2017 is Organized by SciencePlus(S+) in association with Institute of Research and Journals(IRAJ).
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   Topic Biology   

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Biology conferences have always proven to be an awesome platform for young researchers and scientists to share their ongoing projects and recent findings in the fields of applied biology. These conferences specifically focus on the latest’s and most exciting findings in areas like Synthetic biology research as well as Systems biology. Systems and Synthetic Biology is a novel field that has been originated basically from the amalgamation of engineering with biology.


Feb 2017

26th Keystone Symposia: Lipidomics and Bioactive Lipids in Metabolism and Disease  - Tahoe City , United States of America

Mar 2017

03rd Keystone Symposia: Bile Acid Receptors as Signal Integrators in Liver and Metabolism  - Monterey , United States of America
05th Keystone Symposia - Synapses and Circuits: Formation, Function, and Dysfunction  - Santa Fe , United States of America
05th Keystone Symposia: Connectomics  - Santa Fe , United States of America
05th Keystone Symposia - Tumor Metabolism: Mechanisms and Targets  - Whistler , Canada
05th Keystone Symposia - Adaptations to Hypoxia in Physiology and Disease  - Whistler , Canada
09th Keystone Symposia - Engineered Cells and Tissues as Platforms for Discovery and Therapy  - Boston , United States of America
12th Keystone Symposia: Frontiers of NMR in Le Sciences  - Keystone , United States of America
19th Keystone Symposia - Sex and Gender Factors Affecting Metabolic Homeostasis, Diabetes and Obesity  - Tahoe City , United States of America
19th Keystone Symposia - Cancer Immunology and Immunotherapy: Taking a Place in Mainstream Oncology  - Whistler , Canada
19th Keystone Symposia - Pattern Recognition Signaling: From Innate Immunity to Inflammatory Disease  - Banff , Canada
19th Keystone Symposia - Type I Interferon: Friend and Foe Alike  - Banff , Canada
26th Keystone Symposia - Injury, Inflammation and Fibrosis  - Sbird , United States of America
26th Keystone Symposia - HIV Vaccines  - Steamboat Springs , United States of America
26th Keystone Symposia - Immune Regulation in Autoimmunity and Cancer  - Whistler , Canada
26th Keystone Symposia - Molecular Mechanisms of Heart Development  - Keystone , United States of America
26th Keystone Symposia - RNA-Based Approaches in Cardiovascular Disease  - Keystone , United States of America

Apr 2017

02nd Keystone Symposia - DNA Replication and Recombination  - Santa Fe , United States of America
23rd Keystone Symposia - B Cells and T Follicular Helper Cells: Controlling Long-Lived Immunity  - Whistler , Canada
30th Keystone Symposia - Mononuclear Phagocytes in Health, Immune Defense and Disease  - Austin , United States of America

May 2017

01st Keystone Symposia - Modeling Viral Infections and Immunity  - Estes Park , United States of America
08th Keystone Symposia - Angiogenesis and Vascular Disease  - Santa Fe , United States of America
08th Keystone Symposia - Mitochondria, Metabolism and Heart  - Santa Fe , United States of America
09th Keystone Symposia - Gastrointestinal Control of Metabolism  - Copenhagen , Denmark
15th Keystone Symposia - Aging and Mechanisms of Aging-Related Disease  - Yokohama , Japan
26th Keystone Symposia - Single Cell Omics  - Stockholm , Sweden
29th Keystone Symposia - Integrating Metabolism and Immunity  - Dublin , Ireland
29th Keystone Symposia - Cell Death and Inflammation  - Dublin , Ireland