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27th Sep 2018 ,Pune , India

The conferences focus on three domains of Smart Systems i.e. Computing, Mobility and Intelligent Systems, and healthcare. The seismic shift towards intelligent systems have radicalized and poised the human-life to witness a dynamic future. While envisioning these changes Bertrand Russell and Isaac Asimov predicted in the last century the surge of creativity of human spirits so as to lead a life of eternal youth with unbelievably less hassles in mundane life. This conference brings together the global thought leaders and innovators to discuss real-world issues, tackle intricate problems and find novel enabling solutions by synthesizing the concept of smart systems and technologies.
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   Topic Biology   

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Biology conferences have always proven to be an awesome platform for young researchers and scientists to share their ongoing projects and recent findings in the fields of applied biology. These conferences specifically focus on the latest’s and most exciting findings in areas like Synthetic biology research as well as Systems biology. Systems and Synthetic Biology is a novel field that has been originated basically from the amalgamation of engineering with biology.


Sep 2018

20th 2nd Global Conference on Plant Science and Molecular Biology  - Rome , Italy

Oct 2018

02nd ISER - 446th International Conference on Agricultural and Biological Science (ICABS)  - Berlin , Germany
03rd 8th International Conference on Microbial and Plant Biotechnology ICMPB  - Kafrelsheikh , Egypt
04th Nanotheranostics Conference  - Germany Munich , Germany
08th CMC Analytical Comparability: Methods & Strategies for Biologics, Biosimilars & Biobetters  - Vienna , Austria
08th Industrial Synthetic Biology Congress  - Munich , Germany
10th Conference on In-Situ and Correlative Electron Microscopy  - Saarbrücken , Germany
11th 13th International Conference on Metabolomics and Systems Biology  - Zurich , Switzerland
13th International Conference on Research in Life-Sciences & Healthcare  - Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia
15th Let’s talk about ageing! - International Conference on Ageing  - Porto , Portugal
15th Let’s talk about ageing! - International Conference on Ageing  - Porto , Portugal
15th Let’s talk about ageing! - International Conference on Ageing  - Porto , Portugal
16th The Second International Conference on Mycology in MENA ICM-2018  - Ismailia , Egypt
18th Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Meeting (FAAM 2018)  - Copenhagen , Denmark
21st 29th Joint Glycobiology meeting 2018  - Ghent , Belgium
29th 12th Asian Pacific Conference on Shell and Spatial Structures (APCS2018)  - Penang , Malaysia

Nov 2018

12th biotechnology conferences  - Dubai , United Arab Emirates
15th International Meeting on Optical Biosensors  - Ghent , Belgium
26th World Structural and Molecular Biology Conference  - Rome , Italy

Jan 2019

01st ISER - 502nd International Conference on Agricultural and Biological Science (ICABS)  - Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia

Feb 2019

18th International Conference on Plant, Cellular and Molecular Biology  - València , Spain

Mar 2019

03rd 3rd Interventions in Aging Conference  - Nassau , Bahamas
10th ICPMB 2019: Mitochondria - The Energy Hubs of Living Organisms  - Ein Gedi , Israel