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International Conference on Teaching and Learning 2022 & 2023

Teaching and Learning Conferences in 2021/2021

With teaching & creative learning in spotlight, Teaching & Learning Conferences help identify strategies to change aspects of curriculum, pedagogy, policy, and culture to better support mental health and resiliency for students. Teaching & Learning Conferences help education policy makers & students to embrace not just quantitative measures of persistence and completion but also the achievement of intended learning outcomes and effective preparation for life and work after education is completed and prepare strategies on creating change for learning. Such conferences help in navigating through complex teaching and learning research literature; provide access to discipline-specific, peer-reviewed teaching and learning research journals; share knowledge about assessment tools that will help evaluate the effectiveness of a teaching method or strategy effectively.

The Teaching and Learning Conferences brings together faculty, staff & students, focused on pedagogy, from universities, colleges, and schools to connect with one another and share best practices in teaching and learning with hundreds of their peers. kicks off the academic year with an event, complementing the annual Teaching and Learning Conference in the spring.

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