Why Organizers must focus on the Conference Website’s Mobile User Experience?

The conference websites help organizers to share conference information clearly with the participants. A participant can visit the conference website to collect important event information like topic, schedule, venue, speakers, deadline for submitting abstract/proposals, and registration process. He can further register for the event through the website and submit his conference paper abstraction.

The organizers can further increase conference attendance by promoting the event through search engines, social media, and online communities. But the organizers must explore ways to keep the website visitors engage to increase conference attendance. While developing the conference Inflatable fun website, they must optimize it for mobile devices. They also need to focus extensively on the website’s mobile user experience to engage visitors and increase conference attendance.

Why Conference Websites must be optimized for Mobile Devices?

ü  A steady increase is being noted in the number of users switching from feature mobile phones to smartphones, tablets, and phablets. Also, a large percentage of modern people nowadays access websites on their mobile devices. The organizers must optimize the conference website for mobile devices to keep the visitors engaged and persuade them to attend the conference.

ü  A number of studies have shown that visitors nowadays abandon websites that take more than 3 seconds to load. When the conference website is not optimized for mobile devices, it will take more time to load. The organizers can easily boost the website’s loading speed by focusing on its mobile performance. The enhanced mobile performance will contribute immensely towards increasing conference attendance.

ü  The organizers can easily increase conference attendance by promoting the website on popular search engines. But major online search engines use algorithms to make mobile-friendly websites rank higher on mobile search engine results. When the conference website is optimized for mobile devices, its search engine ranking and visibility increases without putting extra effort. The enhanced search engine visibility will divert more traffic to the conference website and help organizers to increase conference attendance.

ü  Most organizers nowadays promote their conferences aggressively to reach a wider audience. They even avail the assistance of dedicated websites to promote their conference by sending email alerts to relevant audience. But the organizers cannot convert website visitors into participants if conference website is not optimized for mobile devices. The mobile-friendly website will accelerate the online marketing campaigns and help organizers to engage the wider audience.

A conference website can be optimized for mobile devices in a number of ways – responsive web design, progressive web apps, and accelerated mobile pages (AMP). While hiring a developer, the organizers must ask him explicitly to build a mobile-friendly website. Also, they must test the mobile user experience of the conference website across multiple mobile devices, platforms, and browser to increase conference attendance.