Conferences and summits are an indispensable platform to encourage and inspire. Whether it is for celebrating a success, discussing a problem or sharing knowledge the secret to success is communication.

The organization, planning and financial investment in a conference requires courage. It should not be viewed as just some investment but rather a visionary investment for the future of the company and the employees.

A typical conference consists of a jury, the keynote speaker and other speakers. The rest is equipment, staffs, venue, length of the conference that decide how productive a conference is. In this article we are going to guide you through the qualities required to succeed at a conference or summit be it a participant or organizer.

For starters, conferences are not always very interesting and it is not necessary that every session would be of utmost importance to every participant. rather than attending all the sessions and snoozing in the mid of the conference, it is better to attend those that are meaningful and important for you. It is important to plan out beforehand. Make sure to research a conference properly.

Try finding out who are the participants, if there is a keynote speaker, the venue is comfortable for you or not, etc. The key to make a conference productive is to be well planned and prepared. The information provided in conference are too much to contemplate at one go. So be prepared to take notes. Reaching the place before the time also helps. You can connect with potential collaborators, employees or peer groups.

Now that we have discussed how the participants can make the conference productive, let’s talk about how can one succeed at managing and organizing a conference. Organizing a conference or any big event requires leadership skills and not everyone is able to pull it off. Basically, for a large and prestigious event like a conference or a summit, the most important thing is coordination and proper planning. Let us see some of the important pointers that will help you in organizing a successful conference:

  • The planning and preparation of the whole conference should be sorted and even rehearsed. There should be a backup plan for each and every phase. the better the planning the better will be the conference. The whole execution of the conference directly or indirectly depends upon the organization.
  • The next thing that comes to mind while attending a conference is a good venue with good and accessible equipment. A good Wi-Fi access in the venue is a must as professionals who work online do not have to miss an entire day due to a conference.
  • Attending a conference can sometimes be quite expensive. The travel, the hotel expenses, the conference registration expenses are quite high so price concessions, scholarships should be added wherever possible as they attract more participants.
  • The speakers of the conference do not necessarily have to be famous authors and book thinkers. The speaker should be a good presenter.
  • Last but not the least there should be good social programs like coffee breaks, stand up comedy, exhibitions, walk ins, etc. provide a good opportunity to communicate and network.

The success of a summit or conference depends upon one’s own attitude and approach. This applies on both ends the participants as well as organizers. Even if you are a first-timer take the risk and go ahead. In the end either you will have a successful conference or a lesson to learn.

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