Upcoming International Conferences 2019

Participating and attending international conferences not only helps in gaining views, knowledge but also helps in sharing our own researches and knowledge related to area of interest. Researchers, scientists, students, experts, stakeholders all benefit from such conferences. A different environment is always beneficial to get an idea about the different trend and learn about investigators. It helps in discovering totally new place and connects or converse with new people. Some of the international upcoming conferences from different fields are mentioned below:-

SARC-International Conference on Recent Innovations in Mechanical Engineering (ICRIME): It will be held during April 7th 2019 at Mumbai India. The paper submission date was March 20th 2019, notification of acceptance was March 22nd 2019 and final author’s registration was March 26th 2019.
Researchers, scientist, engineers, scholar students will come together with a view to exchange and share ideas, experiences and research project about all the aspects of Mechanical and industrial engineering. It is an ideal platform to discuss recent innovations in the mechanical engineering field.

ACN- International Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Robots and Mechanical Engineering (ICAIRME) Jakarta, Indonesia: It will be held on May 2nd 2019 in Jakarta Indonesia. Researchers, academicians, students, engineers, industrial participants come together with a view to share ideas and trends with the experts coming from around the world. Artificial intelligence and robots is today’s topic as the world is progressing towards making intelligent machines. This is the best area to converse and connect with the experts in order to develop future business or career related relations.

ARSSS – International Conference on Business Management and Social Innovation (ICBMSI): It will be held in Hong Kong, on May 10th 2019. Authors can contribute their research papers, abstracts and e-posters. The paper submission date is24th April 2019, notification of acceptance is 26th April 2019, final paper submission and authors registration by 30th April 2019. This will provides a great platform for researchers, academicians, and students, industrial participants to share their ideas and trends with the global experts. Great experienced speakers will present their presentations and discuss with the crowd. The Best paper awards will be given after judging them. The submitted conference papers will be reviewed by the reviewers. The proceedings after the conference will be published in the International science Index.

International conference on Life Sciences (ICLS-19): It will commence from May 2nd to May 3rd 2019 at Dubai. The paper submission deadline is April 17th 2019 and last date of registration is April 25th 2019. It will be organized by IIERD and is anticipated that 500 participants will be taking part to either share their ideas, experiences or gain knowledge from the discussions. This is a great opportunity to generate connections with the global experts and professionals. It is platform to get wider exposure in the field of life sciences and think innovatively towards it. It is a best way to get challenged and work in order to find solutions.

International Congress on Nutrition & Health: It will be held on May 2nd 2019 at Thane, India. The deadline for submission of research article or abstract is May 29th2019. Scientists, academicians, scholars, researchers, experts, industrial participants are welcomed and invited to attend the conference. It will help to explore the knowledge in the field of nutrition and health (bacteriology). It is intended towards presenting the recent advancements and development in the field of nutrition and health. Post conference, the accepted papers will be published in the proceedings and international journals. The best research paper and presentation will be awarded. The digital object identifier will help in tracking down research paper uploaded on the directory site. The benefits are immense in participating in this conference as it will also help in creating better future for career.