Tricks You Need to Make Your Post Conference Survey a Hit

Organizing an event is never an easy task and you spend days and nights working and planning hard to make it successful. But what exactly does one mean by a “successful” event?

There are various factors that make an event successful. But the most important and primary criteria is the satisfaction of the customers. If the customers are happy, then automatically your event is a big hit. And this is where the importance of Post Event Survey lies.

A post conference survey helps you to examine whether the event met the expectations of the customers and reached the set goals. Positive feedback boosts the confidence of the company while negative feedback, if any, will make the organizers determined to not repeat the same mistakes again. Like any other tasks, conducting such surveys also need expertise and experience.

Let’s look into certain tips to evaluate the success of an event properly

1.    Include All Parties

The feedback of attendees though is very important, it is necessary to include the feedback of other parties included in the process of conducting the event such as, event sponsors, event volunteers and speakers. Including everyone will be beneficial for the company in the long run and create a relationship of trust and positivity. Just like you want to create a lasting impression on the attendees, it is important to do so for the other parties as well if you want to repeat sponsors and volunteers.

2.    Efficient Timing

You need to seek feedback as early as possible. The faster you start with your survey, the more authentic and detailed will be the response. Moreover, this creates a sense of importance in the minds of the attendees and others.

3.    Short and Crisp

You will definitely not want to disturb or confuse your attendees with long lengthy questions. Keep the feedback questions short and simple. Use the languages they understood.  Stick to methods that will help the customers to fill up the survey questions easily.

Some methods include:

 • MCQ pattern

 • Ratings by different emoticons

 • Drop down

4.    Recommendations and Open Ended Questions

Apart from the general questions, ask the customers for recommendations. Make them realize that their recommendations are of importance to the company and you are ready to make improvements if there were any fault or shortcomings.

5.    Vote of Thanks

The time given by the customers is extremely valuable. The survey should end with a vote of thanks, appreciating the different parties for their suggestions and feedback.

Secondly, selecting an event survey tool needs in depth examination and information. Try to select a tool which suits your needs and requirements. However, some quality event survey applications are available for free.

Create survey forms and questionnaires for free in this online app developed by Google. This is widely used and highly convenient.

Release: 2008

Both free and paid plans are available. Choose a plan according to your need and get started to develop surveys and feedback forms. The free plan is best suited for small events. For larger events, you can definitely use its paid plans which has a range of special features.

Release: 1999

This is a very convenient platform for conducting online surveys. Trial packs can be done free of cost which offers variety of templates and designs.

Release: 2012

A well known survey builder, this software helps you to prepare survey applications, questionnaires according to your requirements. It helps the organizers to create survey forms by integration and consolidation and has special features such as star-rating and ranking systems.

Release: 2006

A lot of companies use this app to create their survey forms and feedback applications. Its aim is to ask for review from customers through emails.

Release: 2012

Formstack offers free trial to help users create online forms, questionnaires. It has a variety of outlays and designs. For heavier data and events you can choose the plans divided into gold, silver and bronze.

Release: 2006

This is well known online application that is extremely user friendly and offers a free version. However the free version does not offer varieties like the paid one. Release: 2006