Top 10 International Conferences on Electrical, Computing and Information Technology 2016

Conferences provide a unique opportunity to learn about progresses and real time solutions within a short time frame. No matter what kind of conferences these may be, as long as they remain relevant to one’s field of work and knowledge, nothing can possibly counter the interaction and flow of knowledge.

In an era of revolution in digital technology, a surge has been witnessed in specific sectors like electronics and Information Technology. Riding on the boom, many new technologies, bottlenecks and their solutions have emerged, which are frequently discussed and evaluated in conferences. These conferences are held in locations in close proximity to these specific industries. We have short listed some of the best international conferences as mentioned:

  • NIER-International Conference on current advances in Electronics, Computer Science and Information Technology

Scheduled to take place in Secunderabad, India on February 28th, this conference will present a unique opportunity to research scholars pursuing their careers in the field of electronics, advanced electronics and Information Technology.

  • IRAJ-International Academic Conference on Electrical, Electronics, and Robotics (IACEER)

Scheduled to take place at Tirupati, India, this conference will focus on advances and real time data interchange in the field of robotics and electronics for better research outcomes. Arguable, one of the best emerged fields of this decade, robotics may provide cheapest and most effective of services in near future.

  • IEEE Forum-International Conference on Electrical, Electronics, Computer Science, Mathematics, Physical Education and Management (ICEECMPE)

Scheduled to take place on 28th of February at Hong Kong, this conference will focus on the tremendous potential all the sectors aforementioned hold if combined research is pursued. This platform will also encourage the knowledge building initiatives to attract students for building up of future pool of scientists and scholars.

  • ITR-International Conference on Electrical Electronics and Data Communication-ICEEDC-2016

Scheduled to take place at Pune, India on February 28th, this conference will bring together all gifted minds from all corners of the globe specializing in the field of electronics and data communication.

  • SP-International Conference on Recent Innovations in Computer Science and Information Technology (ICRICSIT-2016)

Scheduled on March 4th, this conference at Bangkok, Thailand will focus on the innovations in the field of computer science and Information technology, and will stride to build a platform for pursuing further research works by international collaboration.

  • Technoarete-The Global Meeting on Computer Science, Software, Networking and Information Technology (GMCSNIT-16)

Destined to take place at Hong Kong on 5th of March, this conference will allow scientists to participate, discuss and stress on the aforementioned sectors for collaboration of institutions and take lead in research projects. It will also aspire to build a joint platform for real time knowledge sharing.

  • SP-International Conference on Industrial Electronics and Electrical Engineering (ICIEEE-2016)

Following the global aspirations to overcome more hurdles in the fields of electronics and electrical engineering, this conference at New York, USA on March 6th will discuss the potential on execution of research projects in collaboration of other independent institutions separated by geographical distances.

  • Low Voltage Design & Maintenance Conference

More about the theoretical prospects of electronics sector, this conference at Perth, Australia on March 16th will focus on the hurdles and solutions encountered by the industry, and will stress on the need to work together to make way for smarter and efficient solutions.

  • IEEE International Conference on Wireless Communications, Signal Processing and Networking (WiSPNET)

Scheduled to take place on March 23rd at Chennai, India, this conference will explore a way more efficient than the technologies currently used in the aforementioned fields, and a better way of refining these technologies for greater efficiency.

  • SP-International Conference on Recent Innovations in Computer Science and Information Technology (ICRICSIT-2016)

Scheduled on March 27th, at Hanoi, Vietnam, this conference may bring about changes in information technology and computing methods in countries where this area is still in its infancy.