Top 10 Conferences That Changed the World

Conferences! One of the best and most fun way to stay up to date with the latest developments of the business and technology world. Following are the top 10 conferences that changed the world and helped the people to get to a better position.

  1. World Business Forum: If you are looking for a conference that is going to get you inspired beyond your wits, World Business Forum is worth a visit. This conference is attended by some of the pioneer businessmen who have set examples and paved their own path to success with unconventional business ideas. Malcolm Gladwell, Dan Gilbert, and Simon Sinek are some of the key speakers who will be motivating the listeners so that they can form their own ideas which will pave their way to success. It will be held in New York in the month of October.
  2. Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing: Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing is a tech based conference which will be held in Phoenix in October. As the name suggests, this conference gives special heed to the women in the tech field. You can be a student or you can be a senior industrialist, this conference will be a treat to you. With the workshops, panel discussions, presentations and more which are all going to concentrate on the latest techs.
  3. Social Media Week: Like the name suggests, Social Media Week concentrates on how you can utilize all the social media to enhance your sales and marketing pitch. Held in various locations like New York,  Tokyo,  Milan, Hamburg, Copenhagen, Barcelona, Bangalore and Lagos, this conference will provide you with great opportunities on how to connect to various parts of the world in order to increase the sales of your company. It also provides you with awesome solutions for the problems utilizing the vast stretch of social media sites.
  4. Social Media for Customer Service Summit: Customer service is probably one of the biggest and costliest businesses around and Social Media for Customer Service Summit is one of the best conferences which pay attention to this sector of the business. It brings forth the marketing geniuses of major companies to show you how to gain customer satisfaction. As a manager you could send in your team so that they can learn the skills for handling your customers better such that you can gain their loyalty. Here you also get to listen to real life experience and draw ideas from them to as to how to emerge a winner in this competitive market.
  5. The Startup Conference: Held in San Francisco, The Startup Conference deals with one of the biggest professions of the world, start up business. This conference will teach you the entire nit grits of start up business so that you can become super successful when you finally begin your business. It teaches you to select the right co-founder or as to how to launch your own product. You  also get to meet the founders of many potential and successful start ups.
  6. High Performance Workforce Summit: This is one of the top conferences which deals with human resource issues that is faced by most companies. High Performance Workforce Summit was held in May and in Atlanta. IBM, University of Chicago, MasterCard, and Hilton are just some of the top companies whose HR team attends this conference to provide you with tips as to how to handle your own employees. It also provides with tips so that you can recruit the brightest talents in your field.
  7. Write Yourself Into Motion: One of the strongest forces that is taking the world by storm is media. Write Yourself Into Motion is the best conference on media, publishing, blogging, and writing that is held in as many as 10 different locations which includes the like of New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco. It consists of panel discussions and elaborate workshops which will enhance your communication and writing skills so that you can capture the hearts of the readers and make them speechless in the process.
  8. Future of Web Design: Although the old saying goes “never judge a book by its cover”, people almost always end up judging things by their outer appearance. This is exactly why in order to make your website more popular, you need to give it a great look. Future of Web Design, held in London, up to dates you with all the latest trends in the field of web designing. It offered a host of workshops and clinics which will help you learn the cutting edge technology that is reining the web in these days.
  9. MIT Sustainability Summit: Held in Boston, MIT Sustainability Summit is a specialty conference dealing with the important challenges that the world is facing related to environmental issues and sustainable resources. All the top notch leaders from government, technological field, finances, climatic offices and more gives speeches in this conference regarding the global situation of environment and the probable solution of the catastrophic problems that the world is facing in current days and which are looming upon us in the near future.
  10. Business Innovation Factory: Yet another conference on entrepreneurship, Business Innovation Factory is being held in Providence, RI, in the month of September. Innovation is one of the hottest topics in the field of business. Innovation is something which will set you apart from the crowd and will give you a scope to be successful. You will be inspired to a huge extent by dream weavers and pioneers who will be providing you with the stories of their life and how they overcame the hurdles they faced. This will give you a new perspective to look at things.

These are the top 10 conferences which are bound to change your life in a way, you can never imagine. Keen attention to these conferences (depending on your field of interest), is bound to make you successful in life.