Tips for choosing the right conference venue

The conference is a gathering of people from around the world or country which gives an opportunity to meet new people of similar thinking. The benefits of attending a conference are many such as improvement in interpersonal and communication skills, refining ideas, concepts, getting feedback on the latest research work, etc. Attending a conference is easy but arranging a conference or meeting is a bit difficult as the basic point of choosing the right venue is a tough task. But if one tried to consider certain tips while choosing the right conference venue it would help considerably.

  • Convenience: Think from the attendee’s perspective and their convenience. Decide on the location that is convenient for the attendee’s i.e. distance, time and easy accessibility. The venue must be closer to the major transportation hubs be it airports, bus depots, auto, railway stations, etc. It should be easy for them to travel and adequate parking options as well. The outdoor area of the venue is equally important. Mostly opting for conference venues that are specialized and have experience in arranging meetings must be selected. The venue has a greater impact and influence on the attendees and speakers because an undesirable location will not be considered by the people and thus it will decrease the number of people attending the conference. This would indirectly result in the loss of the one who is arranging the meet.
  • Financial capability: Conferences must be arranged considering the budget and financial capability. Never go for out of budget venues as it will land the organizer himself get in a soup. Avoid temptations and offerings by huge budgeted venues. Also, take care while finalizing cheaper venues as it may have hidden charges or it might also lead to settling for lesser facilities or services. Look out for some that provide a better quote including the hotel charges and stay if the conference involves important guests coming from far off places and countries. Budgeting is the second important factor while choosing a venue and finalizing it.
  • Services and facilities offered: Check the services and facilities offered by the venue such as meeting rooms, resting rooms, proper equipment needed for the conference meet, technological support, good caterers for refreshments, drinks and other tools & necessities. Accommodation becomes necessary if the conference is on a larger scale where attendees are from far off places. Mostly a bit costlier and luxurious venue includes all the standard things in their basic plans.
  • Sales team: Response time must not be low as it is critical to the success of the conference meeting. The sales team must be willing to help the organizers well on time by responding properly and clearly with all the issues concerned. Avoid finalizing everything on-call rather than visiting the site or venue is highly recommended. Nowadays various frauds are happening in and around the world so it’s better payment and booking is done right at the counter with the proper submission of checks. Finalize the venue only after examining it properly. Visiting the site helps in getting an idea of the staff employed and how well they are trained in greeting the visitors. The cleanliness factor is of utmost importance. Check the parking area and if that is sufficient. Get a sample of the food and refreshments to discuss the menus.
  • Safety: Last but not least check for safety and security. Anything can happen like sudden fire, threat, weather warnings, travel warnings which cannot be predicted so it is better to be prepared for unexpected things. There should be safety measures at the venue as a visitor’s priority is highly required.