Scientific Conferences to be held in Taiwan in November 2020

Different countries organize annual science conferences to provide a much-needed platform to students for presenting their research-work before the world. This way they contribute towards exploring the varied dimensions of science at an international level. A number of such conferences are scheduled to take place in February 2020 in Taipei, Taiwan.

The details regarding the top four conferences are given below:

988th International Conference on Social Science and Economics (ICSSE) – 2020

This is a significant international conferencewhich offers an exchange of scientific ideas amongst various regional delegates. The discussions mainly deal with the latest advancements and studies related to Social Science and Economics. These annual academic meets also create an opportunity for students to foster communication amongst themselves, learn from each other’s research-works and make progress in the application of social science and economics.

Venue: Taipei, Taiwan

Date:26th – 27th November, 2020

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976th International Conference on Science, Innovation and Management (ICSIM) – 2020

TheICSIM aims at exploring newer arenas in the field of management, innovation and pure as well as applied sciences. This annual conference aims at preparing a standard platform for the discussion and exchange of ideas regarding the latestdiscovery in the related area of studies. Such academic seminars aids in the dispersal of scientific knowledge which paves way for scientific advancementat a global level.

Venue: Taipei, Taiwan

Date: 26th – 27th November, 2020

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983rd International Conference on Recent Advances in Medical Science (ICRAMS) – 2020

Thisannual academic meet is an important event for Medical Science students and researchers. All participantsget an opportunity to present their theories before a highly qualified panel which includes delegates from all across the world. These conferenceshelp in the sharing and acquiring of knowledge and thereby enrich the respective field of academics. ICRAMS primarily aims at the improvement and promotion of advanced research work in the field of Medical Science.

Venue: Taipei, Taiwan

Date: 26th – 27th November, 2020,

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