Post Event Surveys Questions – Importance, Types and Samples

One of the main question that comes to your mind after an event is – Was your event a success?  To answer this question, you cannot entirely depend on your own personal evaluation. It is important to take into account the feedback of the different parties included in the event.

So, how do we do this? Conducting post event surveys is necessary to provide you with valuable insights and feedback directly from the attendees and others parties. But to receive the most authentic and useful feedback, you need to conduct the survey properly by asking the right questions, neither too less nor too many.

Now, there are three different types of post survey questions that you can ask your attendees.

  • Open ended questions: You can start your survey with this type of questions as it will help you to understand and know your customers better. Such questions normally require a text box to answer them.
  • Close ended questions: Such types ask the respondents to choose from multiple options such as “yes or no” or other set responses.
  • Ratings: You can also ask your respondents to rate their experience or even ask them to choose emoticons that suit their feedback the most.

You should conduct surveys not only for the attendees but also for the sponsors and volunteers. It is important to take into account the feedback and recommendations of everyone as a valued and esteemed part of the company. The right and authentic feedback can be useful for the growth and development of company.

However, conducting surveys is not an easy task. You need to be smart and experienced to formulate the right kind of survey questions. Making it short and crisp is important since you will definitely not want to waste anyone’s time. Again, you need your questions to give you the information you need.

Here are 30 sample questions to help you getting the survey started.

Questions To Ask Your Attendees

Close Ended Questions:

  • Will you recommend this conference to others?
  • Was the conference well planned and executed?
  • Will you attend another conference in future?
  • Did the conference successfully meet its set goals?
  • Are you satisfied as an attendee?
  • Will we see you again in our event?
  • Are you satisfied with the cost of attending this event?
  • Did this conference improve and broaden your knowledge?
  • How much will you rate the conference?
  • How much will you rate the speakers?
  • How much will you rate the quality of each session?
  • How much will you rate the venue of the event?
  • How much will you rate the food?

Open Ended Questions:

  • Why did you attend this conference?
  • What was the highlight point of this event?
  • Were there any short comings and how can we improve
  • Please feel free to suggest or recommend for future events?

Questions To Ask Your Sponsors

Close ended questions:

  • Was the entire event well planned and executed?
  • Will we see you next year in a future event?
  • Did you get the required support from the company?

Open ended questions:

  • Were there any faults and how can we improve?
  • Please feel free to drop suggestions and recommendations.

Questions To Ask Your Volunteers

Close ended questions:

  • Are you satisfied to volunteer in our event?
  • How did you come to know about this event?
  • Will you recommend this event to others?
  • Did this event help you as an individual?
  • Will we see you in our next event as a volunteer?
  • Did you receive all the help and support from the company?

Open ended questions:

  • How can we improve for our next event?
  • Drop any suggestions for our next conference?

Apart from the above listed ones, there are always some questions that are specific to every conference. The more feedback you receive about the aspects of the conference, the chance of conducting bigger and better conferences next time increases. Take all types of feedback positively and work on it to make your conference or event one of the best.