A List of Conferences on Teaching & Learning

Teaching and learning have made quite a few advances in the recent era and the following conferences will help you learn about them.

  1. 6th International Language Learning Conference 2015: The 6th International Language Learning Conference 2015 is being held in Penang, Malaysia from 2nd to the 4th day of November 2015. It is being organized by School of Languages, Literacy’s & Translation and will be emphasizing on the various new processes by which language is helping the learning process.

             The 6th ILLC will provide a common platform for educators, students, institutions and interested parties to present and discuss research, developments and innovations in the field of language teaching and learning. You will find all the required information at https://allconferencealert.com/event_detail.php?ev_id=16109

  1. Information System International Conference: Information System International Conference is being organized by Institute of Technology Sepuluh, Nopember at Surabaya, Jawa Timur, Indonesia on the 2nd and 3rd day of November, 2015. It is a part of the biannual conference which will deal with the advancement of information technology. You will be able to access all the details at https://allconferencealert.com/event_detail.php?ev_id=18058
  1. ESREA (ReNAdET) 2015 (4th Biennial meeting of the ESREA Research Network for Adult Educators, Trainers and their Professionalisation):

This biennial meeting focuses on the important yet less discussed role of higher education institutions in both delivering academic programmes that provide relevant cognitive and professional skills and competences to future adult educators.
ESREA (ReNAdET) 2015 (4th Biennial meeting of the ESREA Research Network for Adult Educators, Trainers and their Professionalisation) will be held in Larnaca from 11th to 13th of November.You will be able to access all the details on https://allconferencealert.com/event_detail.php?ev_id=21863

  1. International Conference on Corpus Linguistics and Technology Advancement: International Conference on Corpus Linguistics and Technology Advancement will be held on 16th, 17th and 18th of December in the year 2015. It will be organized by Department of Linguistics and Modern Language, The Hong Kong Institute of Education at Hong Kong. This conference will be the confluence of all the linguistic experts around the world who will discuss about the various researches on corpora in linguistics, language learning and translation studies. The details will be available at https://allconferencealert.com/event_detail.php?ev_id=23640
  2. National Research Scholars Meet in Life Sciences 2015: National Research Scholars Meet in Life Sciences 2015 will deal with the various educational developments in the field of education related to life sciences. It is being organized by the students of Student Council of ACTREC for all the students who are interested on the topic. It will be held on 17th and 18th of December in the year 2015 at Kharghar, Maharastra, India. If interested, you can check out https://allconferencealert.com/event_detail.php?ev_id=24688  for the required details which will help you to participate in the event.
  3. The Second National Interdisciplinary Conference on Current Issues of English Language Teaching and Learning, Literature, Translation and Linguistics:  The conference will be dedicated to current trends and developments in English language teaching and learning, literature, translation and linguistics studies.Academics and university  lecturers are cordially invited to present their research regarding current issues of English language teaching and learning, literature, translation and linguistics in either English or Persian. Such an approach suggests that a linguistic study is no longer limited within a certain field;knowledge from different fields cultivates diversity in linguistic study. Recognizing this trend, the conference organizing committee aims to provide a platform for  researchers and scholars from various fields to exchange ideas on issues related to the empowerment of English language teaching and learning, literature, translation and linguistics. During the conference, some featured workshops related to current issues of   English language, linguistics and research will be held. It will be held from 4th to 5th Feb, 2016  at Ahwaz ,Iran. If you are interested you can check out the further details at  https://allconferencealert.com/event_detail.php?ev_id=25011

  5th International Conference on Teaching and Learning with Technology (iCTLT 2016)

                CTLT 2016 promises an exciting, insightful and stimulating programme. It will immerse you in an environment of ubiquitous technology, participating in activities such as keynote addresses, spotlight sessions, masterclasses, discussion panels, meet the practitioners  sessions, model lessons, e-Poster exhibition, Learn @ Schools / Learn @ Communities and EdTech Studio. The conference is a strategic platform for Singapore to provide thought leadership and champion the effective use of technology for 21st century teaching and l earning. It will be  held from 30 Mar to 31st Mar, 2016 in Singapore. You can visit the further details if you are   interested at https://allconferencealert.com/event_detail.php?ev_id=19297

  3rd International Conference: Towards Research-Informed Vision   and Practice of Early Childhood Education

                Semarang Early Childhood Research and Education Talks (SECRET) is a biennial conference sponsored and held by the Department of Early Childhood Teacher Education, Faculty of  Education, Semarang State University. Its name is taken from the city of Semarang, the  capital of Central Java Province, which is also the home-base of the Semarang State University. SECRET is an open learning space for early childhood practitioners, educators, and teachers, researchers and academics as well as policy makers to share their knowledge, research and best practices. SECRET programs include seminars, workshops, parallel paper   presentation, childcare/school visits, and cultural performance.It will be held from 13th to 14th May, 2016  in Semarang , Central Java, Indonesia. If you are interested in the conference and want to attend it, to know further details visit: https://allconferencealert.com/event_detail.php?ev_id=25329

   International Congress of World Association of Educational Research          (AMSE-AMCE-WAER).

                CONGRESS OF INTERNATIONAL OF AMSE-AMCE- International Congress of World Association of The congress, themed as ‘Teaching and Training Today for Tomorrow’, will be held in Eskisehir, Turkey from May 30th to June 2nd 2016. With this theme, it is aimed to    bring different views on current educational practices which prepare students and teachers   for the future together, to discuss the precautions to be taken for a more qualified educational system, to share new educational practices, and to generate ideas on educational policies for the future education, types of knowledge to be taught, and teachers of the future. The conference will be held from 30th May to 2nd June 2016 at Eskisehir ,  Turkey. If you are interested in the conference the you can find the further details at:                 https://allconferencealert.com/event_detail.php?ev_id=23504

    The International Conference on Learning: “Education in the Age of the Anthropocene” – A Common Ground Conference

                The International Conference on Learning began its life in Sydney, Australia in 1989, focusing on genre approaches to literacy, and auspiced by the Literacy and Education Research Network. Since then, the focus of the conference has broadened to encompass as one of its themes ‘Multiliteracies’ or a broader range of communications than conventionally understood under the rubric of alphabetical literacy. The conference has also extended its interest into learning more generally, and particularly, the question of ‘new learning’ or the necessary transformations underway in teaching and learning in contemporary social, cultural and technological conditions.

                The International Conference on Learning is built upon four key features: Internationalism, Interdisciplinarity, Inclusiveness, and Interaction. Conference delegates include leaders in the field as well as emerging scholars, who travel to the conference from all corners of the globe and represent a broad range of disciplines and perspectives. A variety of presentation  options and session types offer delegates multiple opportunities to engage, to discuss key issues in the field, and to build relationships with scholars from other cultures and disciplines..It will be held from 13th to 15th July 2016 at Vancouver, Canada. If you are interested for the same then for further details visit:   https://allconferencealert.com/event_detail.php?ev_id=20508

These are some of the best and top notch conferences which will be dealing with learning and teaching which you can visit in order to stay at par with the recent developments.