How to Prepare a Smart Presentation for a Conference?

Conferences are a great way to share your ideas with your peers and colleagues. But the key to attaining success at any conference is by presenting an awesome presentation out there which will help you to clearly establish your ideas in front of them. A good presentation is the standpoint which can be used to earn respect amongst various scholars and make your mark amongst your peers in your field of expertise which may lead to bigger opportunities.

  1. Make Images BIG: Whenever you are inserting images, make them a full screen one with no other texts in the slide. This helps you to reach out well to the audience sitting at the back and grabs the audiences’ attention too.
  2. Align Text in Only One Way: Making the alignment of the headings and the text body different doesn’t look very attractive on large screen. It is best to keep the whole text aligned in a single way. This will bring a sense of aesthetics to the presentation which is attractive.
  3. Don’t Put Content on the Bottom Part of the Slide: It is better to avoid the bottom one third of the slide when you are inserting important content in them as it will probably not be visible to the audience at the back. It’s best to keep that space free.
  4. Use as Little Text as Needed to Support Your Story: When people are listening to your presentations, they don’t have time to read what is being written on the slides. So it is best to avoid any writing on your slide unless absolutely necessary for making your point valid.
  5. Reduce Bullet Points Where Possible: Presentations are all about bullet points when it comes to representing contents. However inserting too many bullets can make it boring and drab and should be avoided. Use just the number of bullets which are absolutely necessary to make your point relevant.
  6. Don’t Use More than One Font: You think using multiple fonts on your presentation makes them attractive? No! Actually using a mixture of fonts which don’t match with each other can actually cause your presentation look unattractive and messy. So it is best to avoid multiple fonts, instead increase the font size or make it bold.
  7. Try White Text and Graphics on a Black Background: One of the coolest tricks to make your presentation stylish is to use black background with white fonts. When projected, these kinds of presentations look chick as the edges of the slide and it appears as it only the text is being projected.
  8. Don’t Even Think About using…: Come on people! It’s no longer the 90’s and you are not kids, quit using WordArt, Clipart and the likes. No one gets amused by them nowadays. Just stick to the normal texts and your presentation will stand out.
  9. In Doubt, Stick to a Template: Whenever you are in doubt about which fonts to combine and which ones to use, just stick to the normal templates available. These were made with precise mixing and matching for doubtful times like this.
  10. Get a Designer: If you are planning to drop a bomb with your presentation and are ready to splurge on it, then you can easily hire a professional presentation designer who will help you to produce an excellent presentation that will leave your audience at awe. You can also use the design multiple times.

These are probably the best tips you can follow in order to produce an awesome presentation with minimal effort.