How to Get More Attendees for International Conference in India

Most professionals in India explore options to interact with industry experts and leaders residing in other parts of the country. So you can always consider organizing an international conference in India to avail several advantages. But you must remember that the potential attendees have option to choose from several conference, seminars and workshops. You can still attract more attendees by promoting the event online. However, it is also important to consider several factors while planning the international conference to make it well-attended.

There are always chances that the theme and content of your conference may match with others. Some other conference organizers may also target similar audience. So you must schedule your conference properly to get more attendees. It is always important to choose a date for the conference that is already chosen by other organizers. At the same time, you can consider piggybacking your event to make it easier and more convenient for the attendees to attend two events.

Most organizers prefer hosting the conference at a location related to its theme and content. But you must remember that the scenic beauty of the venue may fail to attract attendees if the place is remote or difficult to reach. If you are targeting attendees residing in various parts of India, it becomes essential to host the event at a centrally location venue that can be reached by the attendees without any hassle. You need to ensure that the location has nearby airport and railway station. The conference can also be hosted at a hotel to make it easier for attendees to find lodging.

Along with clearly defining the registration process for conference, you also need to encourage attendees to register the event early. It is also a good idea to offer early-bird or discounted rates to the professionals attendees who register early. Similarly, you can also offer discounted rates to companies and organizations that will send more than one attendee for the event. At the same time, you also need to host a website to convey detailed information about the international conference in India to prospective attendees. You can even avail the assistance of conference alert websites to promote your conference easily by targeting the most relevant audience.


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