How to Get Conference Alerts Easily and Stay Updated

Attending conferences can never be a sudden decision. You need to prepare yourself so that you can give your best. This becomes necessary when you are looking forward towards getting your research paper published in the conference. You need a confirmed date for your paper submission as well. Moreover, participants need to be well informed about the date and venue of the conferences so that they can arrange their schedules accordingly.

It might be difficult for participants to find the most suitable conferences among the hundreds that take place every year. But there are certain means by which this task gets easier.There are a large number of websites online that helps you to get notified about the conference details. At first,you need to subscribe to the website of your choice. Some of the websites allows you to choose the category you are interested in. The websites will then send you updates about conferences that matches your interest. Overall, such websites are the ideal tool to stay up to date about the most happening conferences world wide.

The next best thing about such websites is that most of them allow you to subscribe for free. The website offers their service not only to the attendees but also to the conference organizers. The organizers can add their conference in the list as well and promote their conferences. Therefore such websites encourages both the parties and benefits them.

Let’s now look into the details that conference websites provide you with:

  1. Conference Dates
  2. Conference Venue
  3. Organizer Name and Details
  4. Organizer Contact Information
  5. Conference Topic
  6. Registration Link
  7. Name and Details of the Speakers
  8. Personalized Mails and Notifications

A list of conference websites that will help you to find conferences:

  1. Conference Alerts

This website helps you to find world wide academic conferences easily. The organizers can add their events to the database for free as well as promote them through emails and advertisements. The participants can subscribe to the website and search the conferences they are interested in. The conferences in this website are categorized by topics such as Humanities and Arts, Mathematics and Statistics, Interdisciplinary, Business and Economics and Physical and Life Science, Health and medicine and Law. You can also find the conference categorized according to different countries and cities.

  • All

This website covers more than 10,000 world wide conferences in all disciplines.  It is easy to use and subscribe. The participants get detailed guidance that helps them to choose the suitable conference for themselves and prepare accordingly.

  • CallingAllPapers is an integrated website providing detailed information about upcoming conferences. It also notifies you about the days left before the commencement of the conference, thus preparing you beforehand. You can also provide feedback about your experience with this website.

  • Research Calls

This website gives you notifications about conferences, webinars and seminars. You can choose a conference by selecting your preferred country, city and conference topic. The website also lists the conferences according to popularity so that the participants will understand what is trending and what is not.

  • WikiCFP

This website is also widely used. More than 1,00,000 researchers use this website. It is easy to search the conference according to title, category, location and time.

  • World Conference Alerts

This online website gives you detailed information about conferences, seminars,workshop and other events. The organizers can register their events and the participants can search their preferences accordingly based on topic, venue and dates.This website has made a mark among its users for its convenience. They also serve as media partners to various top conferences.

Each websites handle their events and conferences differently. However, every website aims to provide the best services to their users.

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