How to find upcoming international conferences in India 2020-2021

India is known for its global research and innovation. It has a rich culture of scientific innovation and research. Many world’s leading Tech Companies are headed by Indian Scientists. Here we will guide you on How to find upcoming international conferences in India 20202021.

Upcoming international conferences in India 2020-2021

If you are a researcher and scholar perusing your Master or Ph.D. then you might have attended some conferences before or are about to attend a conference. The Conference may be an International Conference or National Conference.

Due to the Corona Virus Pandemic Situation, most of the International conferences are happening online now. So you have a great opportunity to attend these Online conferences to present your research paper, Learn new innovations, and network among new people.

We all know conferences are the best places to

  • learn new ideas
  • Present your research paper
  • Listen to Experts and peers
  • Research collaborations and networking

 So every researcher needs to attend the conference to take advantage.

Upcoming international conferences in India

India is a leading country in the world for research and innovation. Thousand of Best quality engineers, scientists, researchers working on different projects. So Upcoming International conferences in India are a good place to learn and network.

All Conference Alert is one of the leading portals to find upcoming conferences in India. You can the conference and events form the Hundreds of Verified and world’s renowned organizations in

You can directly search the Conferences in India from  

Upcoming Scopus indexed conferences in India

Scopus is the world’s leading indexing platform for scientific journals. Many Organizers are associated with the Scopus Indexed Journals and organizing Scopus indexed conferences in India. With you can easily find Upcoming Scopus indexed conferences in India in just a few clicks.

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Find conferences in Major cities in India

With the allconferencealert you can find the Upcoming International conferences in Major cities like

New Delhi







Along with that, you can also find the upcoming conference at the small cities and tier-2 and tier-3 cities as well. This new and innovative feature is becoming popular among researchers. Now Researchers and students need not to go to big cities and spend lots of money to attend any International and national conferences.

Should you attain the Upcoming Conferences in this Covid19 Situation?

Our recommendation will be you need to check the current situation of the city and the travel option. No most of the conferences happen online and once the situation gets normal in India the physical conferences are soon going to Open. You need to prepare yourself for physical conferences a few months after. Now you can attend the conferences in online mode. You can find virtual conferences with us.

As we discussed India is One of the leading countries in terms of Scientific research and the world researchers and scientists need to attend the conferences continuously to improve their research and enhance their careers in the field of Research and Innovation. helps researchers and scholars to find the upcoming international conferences in India and across the globe. This is all about How to find upcoming international conferences in India 2020-2021

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