Global IT Conferences You Can’t Afford To Miss

Information Technology (IT) is one the many wonders we have witnessed since the use of electronic goods experienced a boom. As we have become increasingly connected through digitized platforms, faster and more effective ways of generating solutions to real time problems have gained attention. Add to this the research works pursued by tech giants all over the globe in addition to independent and government research institutions pursuing newer methods to battle problems and creation of new technologies for better support; all these compounded together will give a rough idea about the extent of influence Information technology plays in today’s world.

Information Technology has created a newfound economic freedom in many parts of the globe, especially in emerging economies, thus can be attributed to jumpstarting stagnant economies to rapid growth rates. A large number of mainstream as well as support industries too have resulted in massive R&D projects about utilities never heard before. Newer concepts like robotics and semiconductors have shown they can immensely benefit from Information technology advancements, which in turn boost economies and quality of life. In light of all these, some conferences on IT prescheduled to be held in 2016 have been summarized:

  • ISERD – 25th International Conference on Medical and Health Sciences (ICMHS), New York, USA, will undermine the scope of Information Technology in areas governed by medical sciences. Medical sciences and IT have together revolutionized the life expectancy and medical services, in terms of easing complexities and sharing of knowledge. These conferences hold immense potential for further developments and opening of ways for treatments like never before.
  • Human Resources for Leaders: Ultimate guide to FMLA, ADA, FLSA, Interviewing, Performance Management, Workplace Harassment, Termination & Resignation, Tampa, Florida, USA, will oversee the obligations and regulations leaders are required to observe and abide by to preserve workplace harmony and efficiency. These conferences are a boon to both employees and employers, and create a platform for better understanding and coordination.
  • THEIIER-International Conference on Chemical and Biochemical Engineering (ICCBE), Dubai will probably write a milestone in their attempt to integrate the diverse fields of biochemistry and chemistry via information technology. Though these fields belong to a whole different sphere, any attempt to bridge these gaps can be quite fruitful.
  • THEIIER- International Conference on Recent Innovations in Engineering and Technology (ICRIET), Dubai will showcase the innovations created by creating a pool of best research materials and institutions bound by information technology services. These fields are highly related from the context of the complexities they encounter and joint solutions they employ.
  • THEIIER-International Conference on Applied Physics and Mathematics (ICAPM), Dubai, will aim at collaboration on future projects and creation of a joint platform for better data sharing on relevant R&D projects, and if possible, integration of these projects to ensure a joint research outcome.
  • Information Technology today binds delegates from all spheres, irrespective of the domain they belong. THEIIER-International Conference on Science, Innovation and Management (ICSIM)E, Dubai will do just that by providing an impetus towards better integration of different domains, and explore new spheres of advancements for greater social benefits.
  • ASAR-International Conference on Advanced Computer Science and Information Technology (ASAR-ICACSIT-2016), Mumbai, India, has a broad ambition for increasing the horizon of new R&D projects and integration of indigenous Information technology platforms with global counterparts for increased efficiency and advancements.
  • Technoarete-International Conference on Current Research in Electronics, Computer Science, Information Technology and Mechanical Engineering (ICECSITME-16), Munnar, India, will host this conference keeping in mind the extent of Information technology’s role in our everyday lives, and a better way to reinvigorate the framework and policies which govern them. This conference may probably look at how things are being done globally to combat challenges and focus on preparation of a globalised platform for information sharing.