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More than just books and surfing, there are pretty interesting things like a workshop, seminar or conference events, which would impart more knowledge than necessary. To gain more insight, to know just more than what any other would think of and to just take an extra mile, is the most interesting part of any aspiration. One get’s drawn towards the interest, through conferences where the keynote speaker would share more details in an interesting manner. There are umpteen number of conferences going on, all over the world, but there is no proper medium to get the details from, so even when one has great interest in the topic, they miss conferences which would have helped them to gain more knowledge.

This is an important issue, when India is considered, to solve the same and spread the word about conferences to every nook and corner of the country, visit the site the one stop destination to know about every conference in India with necessary details.

Just give the pointers and the site directs to the conference Select the country in the dropdown, the state within the country and the topics of choice. Also, select the dates between which you are free, to visit the conference that would be of great interest to you. Click, search, and the complete list of the conferences would list one after the other in an order according to the dates. Every conference links you to the brief information. So just select the one and click on the link to get details. What details conference alerts provide Anonymity is a strict no in conference alerts, gist of the details is listed as pointers to decide your take on attending it. The website, where you can get more information, is the first one you would notice. The person to contact, mail id to get any other details you would require, the deadline to send the papers across, the organizer, venue and a short description of the event would be given. Every conference on your favorite  topic If you have one or two topics of interest and would like to know only about the relevant ones, conference alerts provide the same at ease. Just click the topic if it’s under the “Important topics” block and the list of conferences throughout the year in a flick. Share your conference details If you are hosting any conferences in your college and would like to invite students, just post it here with the details. Submit the details probed in the site and it would be listed on the site. There are also options to add a banner about your conference for a nominal fee, so hurry up and share your conference details with conference alerts. Attend every conference You don’t have to visit the website often, just subscribe and every conference would be dropped right in your inbox in a jiffy. Stay enchanted and conferences would follow by, be interested and get knowledge.