Event Promotion Ideas to Boost Conference Attendance

1) Build a Mobile-Friendly Website

No organizer can boost event attendance without enabling participants to collect information about and participate in the conference effortlessly. They can easily boost conference promotion and attendance by building a mobile-friendly website. The website will make it easier for to register for the conference or seminar by collecting relevant information using their smartphones and tablets.

2) Facilitate Remote Participation

Often professionals and entrepreneurs find it difficult to attend conferences and seminars in person due to their packed work schedules. The organizers cannot boost event participation without enabling participants to attend the conference remotely. They must leverage latest digital communication techniques to live stream the event through popular video sharing platforms and social networks. The participants can further join the discussions by posting comments.

3) Use Social Media Hashtags

A number of studies suggest a consistent increase in the amount of digital media time people spend on social networks. The organizers must implement a robust social media promotion strategy to increase event attendance. The steady must focus on promoting the upcoming conference or seminar on the relevant social networking platforms. The marketers also need to create social media hashtags to make it easier for the targeted audience to collect information and content related to the event. The marketers can further promote the event on multiple social networks by embedding the hashtags in various posts and messages.

4) Request Speakers and Participants to Write Blogs

The smarter organizers boost conference attendance by involving both speakers and participants in the promotional campaign. The persuade speakers to impress the targeted audience by writing blogs covering important aspects on the conference topic and sessions. Likewise, they request early registrants and last year’s participants to share their experience and expectations by writing blogs. The organizers can use these blogs as a powerful tool to promote the event and boost event attendance.

5) Leverage Conference Alerts

Many websites these days help organizers to promote seminars, conferences, and workshops by reaching out to a wider audience. They allow organizers to post detailed information about the event. Also, they convey information about the event to relevant subscribers by sending email alerts. The conference alerts delivered through emails help organizers to promote the upcoming event quickly and effectively by connecting with relevant participants.

While organizing a seminar, conference, or workshop, the organizers must keep in place a robust strategy to boost event attendance. In addition to promoting the event early and properly, it is also important for the organizers to accelerate event registration by leveraging the latest digital techniques.