Advanced Computing for many benefits

Advanced computing is as interesting as it sounds. It can be broadly defined as a set of special skills on your personal computer or on a broader base specific hi-end super computers and the process it undertakes.


High performance computing also known as HPC is one meaning of the term Advanced Computing. This is the process which undertakes humongous projects by engaging massive numbers of computers used in clusters or super computers. Although our modern computers are armed with great processing powers, still it wastes a huge amount of time in completing the complex task which are expected out of them. As in this growing world of globalization, machines are replacing man power, the importance of these advanced computers have increased as HPC solutions helps providing the best configurations. The high performance computers also undergo constant changes in order to deliver companies with maximum computing performance per watt, per square foot and per rupee.

How is it useful?

So how exactly is simulation performed by the supercomputers used by the engineers? When engineers are working on some new wing design for example, advance computing is used by them to simulate the dynamics involved. These simulations are used to improve the prototype and reach the final product they aimed for.

Advanced computing is also used by astrophysicists in developing intergalactic special elements and reactions, they believe may exist in the outer space, stars, and planets. They can use the super computers to create real life outer space scenarios without disturbing the environment or causing harm to themselves.


Advance computing methods are also used by chemist and microbiologist to study and develop new protein structure. It has its avid and developing use in the department of physics, biology and even the IT sector.

From a single cell to the sun the world is now heavily dependent on advanced computing and it is on the increase.


It is true and we all will accept that we don’t use our computer to its fullest extent. Listening to music, browsing the web, watching a movie, getting updated with our social networking updates, are the bare minimum we do.

So, many computer programming centers, or colleges use the phrase “Advanced Computing”  in order to teach us a broader range of skills and helping us to get in-depth of it. These however may not be considered to be advanced as they mainly comprise of programs such as photoshop and to some extent few basic coding tricks as well.

Hence Advance Computing is simply making our work easier and making us smarter PC users to a basic level, but that day may not be far away when these super computers may become a part and parcel of our living.