A Detailed Study of Emerging Job Roles in Virtual Events

As COVID-19 is spreading across the world like a fire, the event industry is facing severe challenges. In the present scenario, the importance of social distancing has become very important in every aspect of life. The only way out of this crisis is conducting virtual events as an alternative. Though virtual events have evolved over time, this domain remains fairly unfamiliar and unexplored. Moreover, the conversion from the “traditional events” to the “virtual events” is not easy.

Now, what exactly do we mean by virtual events and how is it convenient for us? Virtual events are conducted online where people interact with each other virtually. Therefore, there is no need of in-person interaction and people can participate from their safety of their home.  In 2020, more and more companies are adding virtual-event component to their strategies and plans.

We have all heard the proverb: “Time and tide waits for none”. Keeping this in mind, we have to prepare ourselves to carry on with our plans and agendas that were already decided and virtual event provides us with one of the best option. Studies show, an upsurge in the trend of virtual events due to the pandemic as most companies are embracing this method.

Preparing For Virtual Events

Preparing for virtual events is almost similar again very different from in-person events. Just like any event planner you require knowledge and experience. However, studies show some new demands being made by different companies while recruiting new positions. These new demands are especially for better experience in digital interactions and online management. Many companies have become very vocal about their requirements for online oriented experience and expertise. There are also new posts for experts in online platforms such as Zoom, WebX and Google classrooms.

Now, let’s look into a few emerging job roles that we think will gain importance in coming times.

1.     Virtual Event Manager

This role requires a responsible and expert individual. Customer service is the primary task along with detailed knowledge about technology. There should be proper understanding of online technologies and services and good communication and collaboration skills.

2.     Virtual Communications Manager

Communication is very integral part for the success of any event. Two way communication, between the company and the attendees establishes a relationship of trust between the two parties. A communication manager helps to find the requirements of the the attendees so that the company can deliver it accordingly.

3.     Virtual Events Tech Support

Virtual events should run smoothly without any technical issues and problems. The better the quality, the more will be the appreciation from the attendees. Any company will prefer to have an expert who will handle such aaspects of virtual events to deliver the best possible outcome.

4.     Social Media Coordinater

Social media plays an important role for any event, whether personal or in-person. However this factor becomes very important especially for virtual events because this is the best platform for promotion and coordinating information to attendees. Also, you are likely to attract more attendees if your social media game is strong. A social media coordinator is therefire a very prominent emerging roles for any virtual event.

5.     Virtual Creative Decorator

It is important to make an event creative and more happening. A creative director can make any event attractive through various online events and campaigns. A creative director for virtual events needs to create new ways that will keep attendees interested and fascinated even when they are not present physically. In conclusion, we can understand that every situation brings something positive. In such a critical time, the opening and availability of new job roles is good news for aspiring students.