8 Best Tips to choose a conference venue

Organizing a proper conference takes a lot of endeavors. It’s not just a cakewalk, as many would think! Proper preparation and execution are required for hosting a successful conference. The major part of planning involves getting hold of a venue which is ideal for the purpose. There are several pointers that should be considered while opting for an ideal conference venue!

If you’re really confused about where to put up your conference, these eight simple tips will help you access the right spot and keep you away from further worries. All you need to do is enlist some points in your head before confirming a venue for hosting the conference. So, read through, without much ado!

Plan your budget right

It is the underlying concern of getting hold of the right venue for the upcoming conference. Remember, it is not just the look of the place but the financial feasibility, which will ensure the selection. A venue can make or break the deal! So, you need to be careful while balancing the finances with the other factors. Try to bargain and engage the property owner with long term contracts to bring things within your pre-planned budget for the purpose. Try and show flexibility with the dates of your event, as some days might have a higher price than the others! Such adjustments can give you the perfect destination within a comfortable budget.

Knowing the requirements

As you are done fixing on the budget, you’ll be out there hunting the perfect spot suiting the same! Don’t be afraid to visit as many options as possible, before narrowing down to one. Some venues may provide you with a single space, while some may have multiple sections. It is in accordance with the type of conference you’re hosting that you need to decide on the space.
If you have to organize multiple events simultaneously, a well-bracketed space is ideal for your purpose with divided rooms or spaces.


Remember, the location of your venue is a necessary pointer to consider. Depending on the type of attendees you’re expecting, the location should be selected carefully. You should get hold of one, with a proper landmark, which gives easy access for the guests without much effort. Besides, try choosing a location within city bounds such that the visitors also get a chance to explore the city and enjoy its culture, cuisine, and entertainment. In case you are arranging for a local conference, it should have the ease of access from the various parts of the city! Maximizing the convenience of the attendees should really be your focus.

Amenities and capacity

Once you are done with the choice of location for the venue, you need to consider the number of people the place can accommodate. Cramped up spaces can pose serious issues on the conference day. Try to find a venue having ample area to include the expected number of attendees. Besides, it should also suffice all the needs of arranging a conference, be it, microphones, tables, chairs, catering space, among many others. It is advised that you make a clear list of the amenities required for organizing a conference!

Staff availability

For smooth execution of all the activities and services in the conference, a proper functioning staff is of utmost necessity. You need to be very definite about the number of staff that is required on the event days. From serving the welcome drinks to the regular cleaning of the washrooms, the venue place needs to be fully active and functional. Make sure the venue you select has the necessary amount of staff required for the purpose. The tech support staff and the staff for operating the electricity should be available at hand.

Parking and security concerns

Congestion on the streets due to parked cars by the road is probably the most annoying situation that can occur if you have not arranged for the parking space! The guests can leave completely dissatisfied as they scuffle with the others on board to make space for their vehicles. It’s therefore important to ensure that the location provides you systematic provisions of car parking. Besides, there should be enough security around the space such that any unprecedented situations are avoided. If you have some VIP on board, ensure that there is tight security with CCTV and metal detectors around!

Branding spaces

The venue where the conference is hosted must speak of what you want to portray. The locale should have areas allotted where you can put up flyers and posters of your sponsors! Have a detailed discussion with the agency or property owner if you are allowed to put up posters on the elevator door and around the conference hall. The venue of the project must deliver the message of the conference. Talk to the manager if your event is clashing with other events. This can literally bring down the impact of the event. Do keep in mind that branding of your event is an essential constituent of the process and you shouldn’t miss out on that at any cost!

Lodging facilities
An international conference brings in people from far and wide places. If you have attendees from distant places, it is your responsibility to arrange lodging facilities for them. Last but not least, your venue checklist must address the concern of lodging! You must ensure that the venue you are deciding to have the provision of hosting your overnight guests. They must have the amenities to provide for night stays either inside or nearby the premises. If you are completely unable to find places within your budget with dual facilities, it is recommended that you choose a locality with hotels in the proximity. As it is already stated before, the Convenience of your attendees should be your prime concern!