6 Ideas to make Virtual Events more Valuable

In 2020, live streaming webinars, and podcasts have changed the lives of people completely. With the COVID 19 pandemic in effect, most of the people have shifted towards going online; either to keep continuity or to start an altogether afresh ones. Event professionals are turning creative by introducing and using technological tools available on a wide scale to reach their audiences. Though it is believed that virtual events fail to reap similar benefits as in-person events do, when planned and encouraged appropriately it can be more profitable for organizers. In-person events involve many costs for organizers such as booking a venue, managing staff, and many other overhead costs. Similarly, for attendees, traveling and accommodation costs can be prevented through online events. With the advancement of technology event managers can very well track people’s attendance/presence which can be further useful for sponsors/ads to stream. There are chat features enabling attendees to raise their questions and give feedback on an ongoing event.

 A few of the virtual event ideas to get inspired and work on it are suggested below. 

1.     Presenting your culinary skills with innovation:

Cooking is an art and getting better at it is never a loss. There are many free and paid options available so choosing to deliver any of the options is up to the audience. It is a skill that will help an attendee upgrade his or her with some innovative dish accompanied by tips and tricks. Educate interested audiences with principles and not just an instruction filled recipe. Make use of a good camera and if possible asking for help from anyone from the house will add to it. Prepare a weekly class concept at fixed timing. That way audience will sit glued to the couch. Choose easy recipes wherein ingredients are readily available.

2.     Yoga/Art/Dance classes:

Developing creative interests is helpful for both the physical and emotional well-being of an individual. Yoga and art-related hobbies are very refreshing for the mind. Online yoga is easy to teach and learn from audiences’ point of view as they can take their time out of their schedule. Many people are turning towards online yoga for flexibility of time. Online sessions are less expensive for educators as it involves no venue and travel costs. If one is master at it, they must try their hands at it. 

3.     Gardening:

Things have changed all of a sudden with the outbreak of COVID 19 pandemic, It has made us realize what is important for life survival and what is not. Planting or Gardening is one of the best hobbies. It’s a cherry on the top if one is a certified master gardener and even if they are not but quite experienced at it, they can deliver live lectures on gardening. Today many people are turning towards organic gardening but they lack proper guidance, Delivering online lectures with demo will help them immensely. 

4.     Workshops:

Knowledge and education never go waste when used correctly. Arranging an online workshop related to the interested and expert field will have more gain than pain. Both organizers or educators and learners or audiences benefit from such workshops. Many are constantly searching for answers for their questions and online workshops are the best place to learn from experienced trainers.

5.     Awareness:

Spreading awareness along with collecting funds in the form of donation for NGOs and relief providers is the need of the hour. Through webinar one can help attendees to participate in a cause towards the nation’s betterment. 

6.     Online exhibitions:

Exhibitions in the current scenario are next to impossible hence arranging online exhibitions can be of little help for the organizers to keep audiences in touch with the latest stuff. Also otherwise, online exhibitions with quick delivery and online payment methods turn out to be profitable as it involves no venue cost. It can be done right from the comfort of the house with an online chat session enabled and handled simultaneously.