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International Conference on Banking and finance 2022 & 2023

The World economy has witnessed a tectonic shift across sectors post industrial revolution era, which has not only introduced regulatory course corrections, but has also favorably impacted sectoral performances and in the process changed the basic fabric of the foundations of the economy. Banking and Financial Services Sector, one of the core sectors responsible for driving the economic growth momentum, is being redefined by the rise of artificial intelligence, automation, blockchain, and fintechs. In such scenario, providing a dynamic environment for researchers and economic experts to discuss and exchange their views on the opportunities and challenges, as well as policies and strategies of the banking system to meet demands for innovation is paramount for the banking & finance sectors.

Banking & Finance conferences provide an excellent international platform for academics, practitioners, policy-makers, investment bankers, finance analysts, monetary authorities, financial institutions and IT providers to explore current issues in banking & finance sector, analyze solutions and present a digital vision for the future, share their research findings as well as real-world experiences in the field of banking and finance.

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March : 2023