Point to Keep in Mind while Planning an Academic Conference

You can avail several advantages by organizing an academic conference. But you also need to invest some amount of time and effort to organize the conference. However, it will be easier for you to organize the conference smoothly by making a plan that takes into account several key factors.

How to Effectuate Your Academic Conference Planning

Decide Date, Topic and Theme

Often academic conferences are organized with a specific topic and theme, while catering to a particular field of study. The topic and theme of the conference further make it easier for presenters to make presentations. Similarly, you have to decide a date. It is always advisable to pick a data when no other academic conference is being organized. The right date will help you in attracting more participants by beating competition. So the date, topic and theme of the conference must be decided before making the conference plan.

Write Call for Papers

You have to write a call for paper (CFP) to convey details of the conference to the people who will be interested in attending it. In addition to the date, venue, nature and theme of the conference, the CFP will also mention about the registration fees. It will further include all basic information about the event that will be required by the presenters as well as spectators.

Plan and Assign Support Activities

You will further need the support of a team to look after arrangements for food, lodging, itinerary and program design. Along with identifying all such activities, you also need to delegate specific responsibilities to individuals. However, some of the most important duties must be assigned to people on whom you can rely. You also have to decide the matching color dresses or matching name that these people will wear to get recognized easily. Also, you must ask each member to be present at the conference venue before the attendees arrive.

Expect Some Trouble

Despite planning the conference meticulously, you can never rule out the chances of unexpected problems. So your team must be prepared to handle any such unexpected troubles. It is also a good idea to keep your support team motivated and ask them to have a cool head. The way you handle such problems will also leave a huge impression on the minds of people attending your conference.

Along with planning the academic conference, you also need to promote it effectively to get more participants. The conference alert websites have made it easier for conference organizers to convey details of the event simply by sending emails to professionals and students who are looking for options to participate in academic conferences.

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